Panicos Demetriades interviewed by Sputnik News

Former Governor of the Central Bank of Cyprus and Professor at Leicester University, Panicos Demetriades, has been interviewed by Sputnik News in relation to what areas need reforming to ensure stability of the Greek economy, following the news that it has concluded its final bailout program.
Panicos Demetriades
August 20, 2018

Panicos Demetriades comments on the role of the Cyprus banking system in the trial of Paul Manafort for The Wall Street Journal

In Paul Manafort’s Trial, a Cyprus Bank Is a Cooperating Witness The Manafort trial has shed a new light on Cyprus’s banks. For years, the eastern Mediterranean nation was one of the world’s great gateways for the fortunes of high-risk clients, particularly organized-crime suspects and billionaires sprouting from the collapse of the Soviet Union. So many wealthy Russians moved their money into Europe and back via Cyprus—a European Union member—that from 2007 to 2012, the country of one million people was both the biggest source of foreign investment in Russia and the world’s biggest recipient of Russian investment in return,…
Panicos Demetriades
August 7, 2018

Cyprus-Russia links

The Cyprus-Russia links have received a lot of media attention lately, not least because Cyprus and its banks seem to have served as a meeting point between close associates of Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump, if not also a conduit for financial flows (the jury is still out on this, awaiting the findings of the Mueller investigation). Paul Manafort, former campaign manager of Donald Trump, used Cypriot banks in his dealings with Russia and Ukraine. Wilbur Ross became a major shareholder of Bank of Cyprus in mid-2014, joining in with a number of close associates of Mr Putin, including Viktor Vekselberg,…
Panicos Demetriades
July 26, 2018

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